Our mission

To be among the leading Defence equipment suppliers in India .To provide technically advanced, high quality solutions for all defence as well as paramilitary forces.

Research & development

R&D activity is an integral part of the company operations due to which the company is successfully providing customised solutions regularly. The Government of India, in recognition of our continued and successful efforts in this area have honored us with the “National Award for Outstanding Research and Development in Mechanical Engineering Industry”.

our strengths

Design, development and manufacture of: Special application customized defence trailers, Critical Defence Equipments, Heavy fabrication jobs and structures for defence, Mechanical systems involving pneumatics, hydraulics, electronics and integration for defence and paramilitary forces.

Tratec Engineers pvt. ltd.

Tratec Engineers (P) Ltd was established in 1995 to manufacture and market a complete range of advanced, high quality Trailer based transport solutions in lndia and abroad. This technology driven company is today the market leader for special defence trailers in India. On the strength of its innovative designing skills, R&D, technical knowledge and excellent service, Tratec Engineers (P) Ltd is the preferred solution provider all mobile based defence applications in India.

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